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Agricultural Roller Chains Supplied By WMT Bearings, Shrewsbury.

30 Sep 2016

Are you looking to buy chain for an agricultural application? Where are you looking? Will you go to the dealer where you bought the appliance from? Will you go to your local chain merchant?

WMT Bearings deal with a major international company with strong representation here in the UK and, who can supply chains to suit most major agricultural OEM’s. Whether the chain is British or American standard whether it is figure of eight or straight sided, whether it is maintenance free,corrosion resistant, stainless steel then please give WMT Bearings in Shrewsbury a call on 01743 850618 or email Sales for a fast free quotation.

Many brands of chain are marketed to the farming community with each OEM company promoting the chain with their particular brand. The truth is, is that many of these OEM brands have chains badged with their details. Food for thought? Call us with details of the application and we will make you an offer. Hopefully an offer that you cant refuse!!

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