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BSA, Triumph, Norton, Vincent Bearings

13 Jan 2017

Some time ago, as a result of customer enquiries I began to check out the bearings for vintage motorcycles including those listed in the title.I noted the respective OEM part numbers and listed the ball, roller and needle roller bearings for each part number. Many of these were metric and to a lesser extent others were imperial but in nearly all cases were bearings that WMT Bearings were able to procure and supply at competitive prices. As a window for these bearings I use Ebay. which is an extremely good way for me to promote the products that I sell. Ebay regularly promote these items through Google and anyone looking for bearings by part number can find the bearings etc that I sell by this search engine.

Ebay is extremely competitive. Prices range dramatically for the same item. The range of prices may be because of a number of factors. The quality of the goods, the length of time it has sat on the shelf, the location of the seller. My prices are competitive. In many cases I can offer far superior products to those offered by the various retailers and at prices substantially cheaper too.

Metric  bearings are invariably supplied by WMT Bearings in Western makes that include FAG and SKF and imperial bearings manufactured by RHP and KSM but the buyer will always be made aware what he is buying. In too many cases sellers do not state the make of the goods that they are supplying which makes purchasing a little bit of a lottery. The cheapest isnt then necessarily a good option.

WMT Bearings can invariably offer their customers an even better deal by dealing directly with the company. We do not however have our own online shop. Our prices are quoted per enquiry. These prices can be tailored to suit the individual requirements and can be even better value than purchasing our products on Ebay.

WMT Bearings welcome all your enquiries, though, please note we are not motorcycle enthusiasts and the bearings supplied are based on cross referencing the OEM part numbers. Alternatively if you do not have this information, please send us dimensions and pictures and we will do our best to identify and quote for you. Our proprietor has over twenty years experience in the bearing industry and he looks forward to receiving your enquiries. Please call us on 01743 850618, or email us at the address shown adjacently to this blog. We can also be contacted on WHATSAPP 07411 012920.

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