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Buying From The Main Dealer? Save Money! Come To WMT Bearings Shrewsbury.

25 Mar 2015

I took a call from a customer on Saturday who asked if I was a Kramp distributor. I confirmed that I was and he asked me to supply a left and right hand reflector lens for an Amazone Fertiliser Spinner.

I duly supplied him and he received delivery within a couple of days. He explained that he had gone to the Amazone main dealer nearest to him and was advised that they couldnt supply the two reflector lenses alone and that he would have to pay for the complete units at a huge cost. A little bit of research by my customer and he found me and I supplied and delivered both lens for less than £40 including VAT.

WMT Bearings can source and supply many parts for your agricultural equipment and save you money. We can offer bearings, filters, seals, adhesives, abrasives, aerosols, chains and so much more. As a small company our overheads are low and we can pass our savings onto yourselves.

We supply quality products at prices that dont break the bank. Do yourself a favour and call WMT Bearings the next time you are contemplating a visit to your main dealer. Call us on 01743 850618 or email us.

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