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Camon Replacement Belts

Camon Replacement Belts
3 May 2018

A customer rang up asking for a belt to suit a Camon Rotavator. It wasnt a good start! I had never heard of the brand and, despite my best efforts was getting nowhere fast. Fortunately I found someone who was selling the machine that the customer wanted the belt for and a quick phone call to him gave me the answer that I required. By the time the customer came in with his sample belt I was able to supply the belt that he required. Subsequently. and with a little more research I was able to find additional belts for this machine and can now offer a number of different belts used on Camon machines. The belts that I supply are generally manufactured by Megadyne and I can offer a combination of kevlar corded and nitrile belts at prices that dont need a mortgage to pay for.

We sell these belts on Ebay but if you are reading this and you require a Camon belt please feel free to call or email us for the best possible prices.


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