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Commercial Mower Spares

11 Sep 2014

Just been getting more and more involved in sourcing and supplying commercial mower belts. Dont want to name names but the prices at which some of these OEM’s and master distributors sell spare parts for, is, quite frankly ridiculous. No wonder that they work so hard to protect the identification of their products. A guy brought me a belt that he had paid sky high prices for and I was able to save him a lot of money. I think I can safely add him to my list of customers in future.

Be assured that I can supply belts manufactured by many of the leading names. I spend a lot of my spare time identifying and cross referencing bearing and belt part numbers.

Next time you are in the market for bearings or belts, and before you go down to the authorised distributor, give me a call. Give me a couple of hours and let me see what I can do.

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