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Dennis Mower Spare Parts Supplied By WMT Bearings.

22 Jul 2015

WMT Bearings currently sell two types of ribbed belts to suit Dennis Mowers but we are also able to offer generic equivalents to all of the following Dennis part numbers:

SP11019 Ribbed belt

SP11020 Ribbed belt

SP11014 Metric timing belt

SP060001 Metric deep groove ball bearing

228012 Ribbed belt

229751 Belt pulley

229752 Metric taper lock bush

J20052 Metric deep groove ball bearing

62662 Metric deep groove ball bearing

228001 Imperial taper lock bush

228002 Imperial taper lock bush

228029 Self aligning ball bearing

229701 Metric oil seal

228042 Internal circlip

SP11010 Metric timing belt

SP11011 Metric timing belt

J20255 Metric angular contact ball bearing

SP07007 Circlip

228104 Circlip

J209006 Circlip

J20455 Imperial deep groove ball bearing

J20474 Imperial deep groove ball bearing

J20475 Circlip

J20474 Circlip

J209301 Circlip

J20051 Metric deep groove ball bearing.

If you have a requirement for one or more of these part numbers please call us on 01743 850618 or email

We must stress that we are not official distributors for Dennis and the parts that we supply are quality generic equivalents to the OEM part number which are quoted for reference purposes only.

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