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Donaldson Filters At Prices That Dont Break The Bank!!

17 Feb 2015

Took a phone call from a farmer that I know who was looking for fuel filters for his tractor and was astonished at what he was being asked to pay. Naturally whilst a tractor is in warranty you have to get your filters from the main dealer but once out of warranty, you can shop around. I can supply a huge range of filters to suit many different types of machine. Why not give me a call and challenge me to make you an offer that you can’t refuse.

I recently saw an advert in  an agricultural newspaper extolling the virtues of buying OEM filters from the main dealer and insinuating that anything bought from anywhere else would be sub standard. We at WMT Bearings supply Donaldson filters. Donaldson are one of only a handful of worldwide manufacturers of a huge range of filters and in many cases manufacture on behalf of the OEM and then badging according to the OEM name and model number. Hence the same filter may have a host of different part numbers but are exactly the same as the filter offered by the main dealer. The farmer that I referred to was being asked to pay over £100 for a set of filters. I was able to quote for and supply at a fraction of the price.

We can in many cases, offer a next day delivery service to most parts of the UK, subject to availability.

Give us a call on 01743 850618 or email Sales

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