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22 Jun 2014

Filters take many forms, be they filter fuel, air, hydraulic oil and  engine oil and there are many different manufacturers around the world. In addition to these makes many companies will employ one or more of these manufacturers to produce and rebadge on their behalf. Naturally purchasers of these rebadged products are expected to use the OEM product whilst the vehicle is within the warranty period. Outside of the warranty there is no restriction on where such filters can be purchased from.

Here at WMT Bearings we can offer our customers a choice of product. We can utilise our business relationship with a number of key suppliers to offer you the consumer a choice of different makes and, hopefully at a price that suits. Unlike bearings we do not keep filters on our shelves but we can generally offer the customer a fast delivery directly to your door.

Why not give WMT the chance to quote for these items and any other associated products? We welcome the opportunity to help.

Please call us on 01743 850618 or email for a competitive quotation.

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