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Howard Rotavator Bearings & Seals

10 Aug 2017

When its quiet in the office I spend time researching different OEM part numbers in order to see whether it is worthwhile offering these to my customers. From very early enquiries for chain I have since started selling bearings and seals using Ebay and directly from my company. The following represent a comprehensive list of Howard part numbers: I can supply all the items in quality brands. The bearings will invariably be FAG/SKF/TIMKEN/KOYO and KSM. If you have a requtrement for any of these products please call or email us today.

If the item(s) that you require are not listed please call or email us for a fast free quotation. Call 01743 850618 or send us an email

263022051 SEAL
252245091 IMP BEARING
263020052 SEAL
253580214 MET BEARING
253580211 MET BEARING
254090231 MET BEARING
253090231 MET BEARING
251640091 IMP BEARING
252045111 MET BEARING
263222041 SEAL
262317021 SEAL
251435091 IMP BEARING
250616045 IMP BEARING
266545081 SEAL
266550081 SEAL
253572181 MET TAPER
253572171 MET BEARING
267235103 SEAL
256011227 MET BEARING
253572272 MET BEARING
254080302 MET BEARING
71253062161 MET BEARING
263562069 SEAL
255512316 MET TAPER
269575121 SEAL
257513311 MET TAPER
255512291 MET BEARING
256514335 MET BEARING
267555102 SEAL
254585251 MET TAPER
256011282 MET TAPER
254510256 MET TAPER
251532091 MET BEARING
265235103 SEAL
267555102 SEAL
254510381 MET TAPER
256711301 IMP TAPER
267235123 SEAL
250720071 IMP BEARING
250616045 IMP BEARING
251227075 IMP BEARING
262216041 SEAL
250719062 IMP BEARING
250618061 IMP BEARING
263727062 SEAL
252250121 IMP BEARING
252542101 IMP TAPER
263525051 SEAL
251942142 IMP TAPER
263021053 SEAL
251937191 IMP TAPER
251535115 IMP TAPER
263022043 SEAL
251640091 IMP BEARING
251972172 IMP TAPER


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