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Howard Rotavator Bearings,Seals, Circlips & Chains

23 Nov 2016

I use a number of different formats to promote my company online including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, my website WMT Bearings my Facebook page and the Google blog that you are reading now. The Google Blog shows me where the majority of the traffic to this site is coming from and, in this case, that is the USA.

Those of you who read this blog on a regular basis will see that the goods that I promote most regularly are those where agriculture/horticulture/Lawn and Garden products are blogged about. Many of my customers belong to these groups and I spend a lot of time promoting my company to these particular markets.

I took a call last week from a customer here in the UK who had seen a blog about a special oil seal (Howard part number 263727062) which I had sourced on behalf of a customer and he was looking for 261712023. A little research determined the seal sizes and he took delivery the following day at prices which didnt break the bank. As a result of this enquiry I decided to find out more about these old machines and I have printed off the various PDF files of Howard machines which show the part numbers and descriptions. Many of these part numbers are very old but still very much obtainable and I can supply at very reasonable prices. In addition I can supply an alternative to the Morse 12R roller chains that have previously been used on some of these machines.

Many Howard part numbers have been listed by me on Ebay and the prices quoted on the auction site for bearings, seals etc are a lot cheaper than my competitors. Alternatively if you need a large number of parts why not drop me an EMAIL or call me on 44-1743-850618 anytime.

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