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Imperial Ball Bearings

8 Dec 2017

WMT Bearings supply a whole range of bearings to a variety of different type of customers and we are frequently asked about imperial ball and roller bearings. Many years ago prior to RHP Bearings arriving on the market, imperial bearings were manufactured by Hoffman, Ransomes & Marles and to a lesser extent Pollard and many different configurations were offered to suit particular applications. These days  that range has greatly diminished and are now regarded as obsolete. Various combinations are still made to this very day by RHP but these are very expensive.

WMT Bearings sell Japanese brand KSM to its customers as a competitively priced alternative to RHP. KSM can supply LJ(RLS) and MJ(RMS) as well as the KLNJ (R Series) to its customers. WMT Bearings supply these to customers on Ebay and, whilst the brand is not widely heard of, those who have purchased from me have done so without any negative feedback.

Many bearings offered by sellers on Ebay are likely to be made in China or similar sources. Sterling brand is frequently offered and they are an Indian bearing brand. If the bearing that you have purchased is totally unmarked there is virtually a 100% chance that you have purchased a spurious brand.

If you are looking for imperial ball and roller bearings and want to save money without losing quality please call WMT Bearings today on 01743 850618 or email  SALES  for a fast free quotation.


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