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Looking For Howard 300 Rotor Seals?

Looking For Howard 300 Rotor Seals?
10 Feb 2018

A customer purchased seal reference 261712023 from me recently in the belief that it would fit his Howard 300 Rotavator but unfortunately it didnt so came back to me for advice. Unfortunately I am every bit as reliant upon PDF files as the next man so having refunded him he went to seek the correct seals elsewhere. He subsequently emailed me to say that he had purchased a seal elsewhere which also proved to be incorrect although this was of no fault of the supplier. He did however manage to give me the seal dimensions and type of seal of the incorrect as well as the eventual correct size. If you are struggling to find seals please call WMT Bearings today. We can help!!

PS I subsequently found a Howard 300 pdf and this only listed the 261712023!

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