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Marshall Muckspreader Bearings

31 Mar 2016

A farmer contacted me a couple of days ago requiring a heavy duty pillow block to suit the rear of a Marshall muck spreader. This picture shows the bearing and housing concerned. I offered him a choice, RHP at the top end and MSB, a Chinese brand at the budget end and he chose the budget one. The customer took delivery the next day. We can supply similar bearings for many other muck spreaders. Just give us a call with your requirements and you too can benefit from a choice, get expert advice and get quick delivery. Call us on 01743 850618 or email

Most OEM’s these days fit Chinese bearings to their machines. Most people who come to me buy Chinese too but I can offer you a choice. I can help you to identify what you need. So whether you need two or four bolt, cast iron, thermoplastic or pressed steel WMT Bearings is the answer. Dont pay more than you have to!!

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