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Massey Ferguson Belts Supplied By WMT Bearings Shrewsbury

14 Oct 2015

Took  a call today from an industrial distributor who spotted a previous blog written by me and rang me looking for a Massey Ferguson belt 1483277M1. I keep records of many OEM part numbers including Massey Ferguson and was able to cross reference and offer a GENERIC equivalent belt.

I can also offer generic belt equivalents to OEM part numbers. If you have an OEM part number please call us on 01743 850618 and we will where appropriate offer you an equivalent belt made by one of the leading names.

We can  do this with many different products. We sell on Ebay but past customers are no w calling me with other requirements. Whether you need belts, bearings, filters or many other OEM parts please call us and let us save you real money.

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