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Porsche Pulley Bearing LD17/32 2RSR AN04

Porsche Pulley Bearing LD17/32 2RSR AN04
13 Feb 2018

Took  a call from a WMT Bearings customer last week asking for two bearings, one of which was standard but the other which was 17 x 32 x 14mm was distinctly an unusual size and bearing. Part number LD17/32 2RSR AN04 was the part number and after a significant amount of research I was able to source and supply to my customer. In addition I was able to establish where I could purchase  further quantities if required.

It seems that Porsche will not sell the bearing on its own preferring to fleece their customers for a complete whole unit amounting in some cases to several hundred pounds/dollars. Be assured that WMT Bearings will supply you the bearing for a fraction of that price. Please call or email us today. Please note we do not carry stock but can bring them in on a 4-5 day lead time.

As at 29/06/2018 We have four pieces available from our webshop for sale. If you are overseas please call or email us for postage rates.


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