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Q Bond Ultra Strong Adhesives Available From WMT Bearings, Shrewsbury

19 Mar 2015

Most adhesives are designed for every day, consumer use. This means that it is great for small jobs, but may not be strong enough to hold its own when compared to more industrial strength adhesives that are used on objects where quality is paramount. Q-Bond is synonymous with being a high performing quality product.
There are two parts included with this adhesive pack. It comes with 2 x 10ml bottles of quality cyanoacrylate glue that bonds to almost any surface forming a permanent bond in seconds. It also includes 2 x filling powders (1 in black for bumpers, grills, fairings and radiators; 1 in grey for aluminium, metal and grey plastic surfaces) that give instant reinforcement to the Q-Bond adhesive. These powders give Q-Bond the ability to be used as an exceptionally good repairing agent for cracks, holes and gaps in a range of materials from plastic electric boxes to metal engine parts.
It is this kit that has become extensively used within the automotive trade both for mechanical fixes and bodywork refinishing, both interior and exterior. It can also be used for repairing chips and cracks within alloy wheels before they are primed and re-sprayed to give a flawless finish to an otherwise ruined wheel.

Box Contains
• 2 x adhesives
• 1 x grey filling powder
• 1 x black filling powder

Available From WMT Bearings, Shrewsbury.

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