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Ransomes Mower Belts 645000350 and 645000368

2 Jun 2017

Took an enquiry from a customer in Derbyshire who was looking for a belt set for a Ransomes mower. He quoted me one of the belt OEM part numbers off his existing belt but could not do the same with the second. As a result I asked him to send me the second belt whereupon it was identified and I was able to offer him a pair of belts at a very competitive price. A phone call to the OEM resulted in me being quoted over £300 for the  pair of belts which I was able to supply to the customer for less than a third of that price.

The OEM is not alone in asking totally uncompetitive prices for their belts. A phone call to dealers like myself and you can save £££££££££££. Remember! None of these companies make their own belts, they just hide behind their part numbers. I can supply these and many other belts at a fraction of the price that the OEM’s and their main dealers charge. I must stress that the belts that I supply are the generic equivalents of any OEM part number quoted.

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