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Ransomes Vergecutter 76 Belts.

Ransomes Vergecutter 76 Belts.
11 May 2018

Received an email from a customer who needed belts to suit a Vergecutter 76. He could not provide me with any part numbers or any other info at all. He said that despite a number of emails to the manufacturer he had had no joy getting a parts listing and so had come to WMT Bearings in the hope that I could identify the belts that he needed. Nothing I like better than interrogating the search engines and it wasnt long before I had managed to obtain a PDF file that listed two belts.and, once I had identified and cross referenced them I was able to make him an offer. Two belts made with kevlar and these will be delivered to him very shortly. In addition I supplied him with a PDF file which listed everything that he might need. Result? One very happy customer.

WMT Bearings are receiving more and more enquiries for OEM belts , bearings etc and we can invariably cross reference and supply top quality branded bearings, belts, seals etc at prices that are dramatically cheaper than the OEM’s. Many belts on Ebay are offered by American companies but not by UK ones. There is no need to buy from the USA. WMT Bearings can supply most applications. Please call 01743 850618 or email our sales office for a fast free quotation and warm friendly service

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