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Stiga Mower Belts-Do You Want To Pay RRP Or A WMT Price ?

Stiga Mower Belts-Do You Want To Pay RRP Or A WMT Price ?
2 Jul 2018

What is it about OEM belt prices?The number of people who call me looking for a belt to suit a Stiga (and other makes of belt) and who go away happier and richer for the experience. What is so special about an OEM belt? Why do sellers offer “GENUINE” belts. Who makes GENUINE belts? The OEM? No they are made by third parties and badged with the name of the OEM

WMT Bearings have accounts with a number of manufacturers who supply top quality belts to suit a wide variety of applications. WMT Bearings supply vee, wedge, flat, ribbed and single/double sided timing belts to suit most applications. WMT Bearings get more and more requests for belts for applications that they have never heard of but are prepared to research until they can offer a GENERIC equivalent to the OEM part number. If you are shocked at what you are being asked to pay for your replacement belt why not call WMT Bearings today? We dont supply at Recommended Retail Price we sell at our price.

WMT Bearings are not singling out any one company, they are all guilty of it. If you need a belt (or a bearing or seal) why not call WMT Bearings today.

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