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Sunnysky 2216 800kv Motor Bearings

23 Nov 2016

I offer a Japanese manufactured ball bearing R2-ZZ for sale on Ebay and, as a result of this listing, received an enquiry for this bearing together with a second part number R2-5 ZZ, both of which are miniature imperial ball bearings that fit the Sunnysky motor. In all the time that I had the R2 ZZ on offer I hadnt received one sale though its a popular bearing. Subsequent enquiries revealed that the bearing was made by a number of Chinese companies as well as NMB, a Japanese company. The customer explained that he had bought a motor for £16.00 and didnt want to spend a lot to repair the motor. I explained that the cost of the bearing, the carriage cost, my margin, postage to the customer and VAT were all costs that I would have to pass on to him which , in this case made it too expensive for him to agree to.

If you are looking for the R2-ZZ and R2-5 ZZ for this particular motor please give WMT Bearings a call on 01743 850618 or email Sales for a fast free quotation. WMT Bearings can supply budget brands  as well as NMB and welcome all your enquiries. The more enquiries/orders that I receive the better prices that I can offer. In addition if you have any other applications that require bearings of any kind please send us your enquiries.

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