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The word is spreading……………….

17 Jun 2014

We have advertised in various local media and national media, We have advertised in the newspapers and online digital media but we are beginning to increase business rapidly using “word of mouth”  At some point in the future our website will be working hard to bring us the success that we undoubtably deserve but in the mean time we will carry on promoting the company utilising the free open source software that is freely available.

We offer excellent customer service, we can supply a quality product and we can do this competitively. Whats more we can deliver quickly to your door by engaging the services of a wonderful network of suppliers together with a fleet of couriers up and down the country.

Its so easy to go to Ebay, select a product, pay for it on Paypal and wait for your selected product to turn up but what if you arent certain what you require? What happens if they supply the wrong item? What happens if you expected SKF but you are supplied with a bearing of doubtful origin?

Talk to WMT Bearings. We are honest. We tell you what you are buying. We can offer full traceability on most of our products. You have a guarantee. You wont get any guarantee from your average Ebay seller but you will when you buy quality products from WMT. There are many companies throughout the world selling fake bearings and bearings that have sat on shelves for many years. You buy a bearing. It may be army surplus and decades old. Technology changes all the time. A modern day bearing utilises up to date technology and WMT Bearings supplies up to date bearings..

Call us on 01743 850618 or email

We look forward to your call.

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