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What Is A Genuine Belt?

29 Apr 2017

You have purchased a lawn mower, lawn tractor or similar and as you are surveying the pride and joy when you realise that the cost of the machine as a whole is outweighed by the cost of the wearing parts which you will need during its lifetime.

Original equipment manufacturers want you to be loyal to them and conseqently their network of official distributors. They want you to buy all the replacement parts from the network and they do this by offering GENUINE parts. In this context what does GENUINE mean?

Genuine means that it has the OEM name and part number stamped on it. In the same way that the belts that I supply have got the manufacturers reference stamped on it. Original equipment manufacturers DO NOT make their own belts, they just purchase in sufficient quantities to have their details stamped on the belt. If your machine is out of warranty you have a choice whether to buy genuine or generic. You have a choice whether you pay £80 or £30 for a replacement belt. A belt that is identical in every way apart from the writing thats stamped on it.

The next time that you see an advertisement offering GENUINE please think twice. WMT Bearings can supply a huge range of belts that are top quality. We cant call them genuine because they arent. We call them generic because thats what they are.Why pay any more? Please call us on 01743 850618 or send us an EMAIL for a fast free quotation and/or further information.

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