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WMT Bearings, Shrewsbury For Quality FAG Bearings. Great Prices-Top Brands

19 Sep 2017

A customer of mine had reason to purchase bearings from another local company recently and enquired with me what he would have paid for the same brand and quantity from WMT Bearings. He was more than shocked to discover that he was being charged more than double the price that I would have offered them at and duly questioned the other supplier.

The result? My integrity and that of my company was called into question and it was suggested that the bearings that I supply are obtained from the “Grey market” I must stress that I buy bearings from official distributors and do not buy from spurious sources. I also make customers aware that they have a choice between unmarked Chinese bearings and top quality Western European sources and the prices that I charge reflect the brands that I supply.

Whoever you use for your bearings always be aware of what you are buying. Find out what you are being offered. What brand is being supplied and keep check of the prices that you are being expected to pay. Familiarity breeds contempt. Those sharp eye catching loss leaders cant be maintained.

Why not give WMT Bearings a call? We will offer you top quality branded bearings at competitive prices. Over 600 happy customers on Ebay is testament to the products that we sell together with the service that we give.

The company concerned is part of a national chain. I’m not going to name them but a bearing that they sell at over £26 I sell for around £12. Call WMT Bearings and save money. Call 01743 850618 or email for a fast free quotation.

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