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YANMAR 1A-7550-63300 Double Sided Timing Belt

29 Sep 2016

WMT Bearings supply a large number of belts to suit a wide range of applications and we have been asked recently to supply a belt to suit a Yanmar RD122 sit on mower. The belt designation was a 300DS8M-2800 and this is confirmed on a PDF file commonly available using Google. I dont know very much about Yanmar but I believe they were designed for the American market but have also been imported from Japan as a grey market.

On two occasions now this belt has been requested by the customer and supplied by WMT Bearings. Unfortunately in each case the belt supplied was incorrect. The 2800 belt is 8mm pitch hence the number of teeth is 2800/8 = 350 teeth. If your belt has this number of teeth then you are safe to buy this either directly from me or via Ebay.

Alternatively if your belt has 360 teeth then you need another differently sized belt which is 360 teeth and 2880mm long. WMT Bearings can supply this belt too and we welcome all enquiries for this belt and all the many others that we supply.

Please call us on 01743 850618, EMAIL us or visit our premises in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

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