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Yanmar Lawnmower Belts

Yanmar Lawnmower Belts
7 May 2018

I have blooged in the past about a particular Yanmar mower part number that appears to be incorrectly or deliberately mis-stated and so I decided to research the many different mower belts listed for their various machines. If you are looking for a Yanmar belt and dont want to pay the silly money that the OEM’s charge then read on.  We must stress that these are not genuine, ie they will not have the OEM name stamped on the belt. They will be, however very good quality, top branded vee belts. A and B Section all made with kevlar and manufactured by Mitsuboshi or Megadyne. We are not agents for Yanmar and as previously stated are generic equivalents to the OEM brand.

25112-009650           1A2170-13400

240102607                25122-0042-01

25122-002900           1A1540-64500

25122-03201             25122-003801

25122-00410             25122-003101

1A1104-74520           251230034-01

25123-0034-01          25123-0038-01

25123-0040-01          25123-0035-01

25122-0039-01          25123-0041-01

25122-0040-01          25122-0042-01

25122-003-001           25123-010-501

197108-11070           197102-13460

197102-12520           19710212521

197108-11060            197102-13460

197102-12511            240102-607

If your belt is not llisted please give WMT Bearings a call and we will endeavour to help you with your requirements. We can be contacted by phone or email.




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